Light Timer to Put Mare Under Lights

This seems like a silly question as there about a thousand of these products but does anyone have a brand of timer they recommend for lights in the barn? All of the ones I looked at on Amazon had reviews of being poor quality and not working OR melting/ almost starting a fire. I want to be able to put the mare under lights and still be able to sleep at night :sweat_smile:.

I use this timer in my barn & it’s been stellar.

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I have been very happy with my Equilume masks, as they provide the right amount of the right kind of light, and they allow the mares to go out at night (which reduces my stall cleaning!).

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We also use the Equilume masks and have been really happy with them. They do now have a stable light as well, but we’ve not tried that yet.

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How hardy are the Equilume masks? I’ve been considering one for my coming four year old maiden. But she LOVES to rub her face and is the type to lose her fly mask a couple of times a week. I’m not sure she’d keep the Equilume on consistently enough to get any real benefit from it. And then there’s the chance she’d completely destroy it…

Any feedback on the Equilume masks? Especially how they hold up to a mare who likes to lose fly masks?

If you put a halter over the mask, through the loops meant for that purpose, they hold up just fine.

I have a 24 hour timer the barn lights plug into. Don’t remember the name brand but I bought it off Amazon. It has plastic tabs you push down for the number of hours you want the power on. Seems to work just fine. I use it for the barn fans as well.