Light weight lunge whip

Hi all!
My wrists get quite sore the next day if I do more than 5 minutes of lunging with my feed store basic lunge whip. I would like to find something lighter. I would also like for it to be at least regular 6ft lunge whip size because my primary ride is a bit on the quiet side. I’m a bit hesitant about the telescoping whips because I break things. What do you have and like in the way of light weight lunge whips?


The best lunge whip I’ve ever owned was a Fleck. It was light weight and very well balanced. It was the only whip that didn’t hurt my wrists.

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Same here with the wrist problems. I can’t use anything heavy or unbalanced.

I have (and need to replace the lash on) a fiberglass telescoping one with a golf club handle.

I am pretty sure it is a Fleck, this one:

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Fleck whips are great whips, very light. MCR also makes really nice whips.

We use inexpensive driving horse whips from Witmer Coach Shop in Pennsylvania and add lash length to be able to “reach out and touch” the horse on the long lines. Parachute cord is great for lashes. Husband thinks the lash does better after being dragged in the dirt a little to add some weight. Witmer’s sells whips with 6ft sticks and other stick lengths as well.

You can add some weight at the butt end to help balance the whip better in your hand against the weight of long lash. Does save your wrist getting twisted. We do that weighting sometimes with the long-lashed driving whip used to drive 4 horses. Husband actually uses his whip to touch the Leaders if needed.

I believe the 6ft whips are about $25 at Witmer’s, but I understand there is a new shipping fee for long packages to add to the cost. You might order several whips with friends to split the shipping cost.

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One of the telescoping ones? How durable has it been? I can be careful, but AM a bit clumsy…

Mine wasn’t a telescoping whip, just a regular Fleck whip (I don’t even know if they’re made anymore). I bought it at a local tack store about 15 years ago. The whip lasted a good 12+ years and I admit to not taking good care of it. I repeatedly left it out in the rain and sun. It probably would have lasted longer if I hadn’t accidentally run over it with the mower.

Mine is the telescoping one. You need to take care with it. No leaving it out in the sun, no regularly dropping it in the arena sand, definitely no stepping on it. And no touching the horse with the shaft. It’s not super delicate but it’s very similar to a fishing rod, it gets thinner out at the tip and it isn’t going to stand up to abuse.

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Have you tried using wrist braces to help support them when holding a lunge whip?

Just a thought if a lighter weight whip breaks easily?

Fleck still makes whips as far as I know. Lots of the Driving folks use them. They are NOT cheap, but that might be an incentive to taking better care of it!!

Light weight does not mean “delicate or fragile” but if you leave them laying around, out on the ground, their lives will be shorter than if you put it in the barn, hang it up after use. We have a couple daily use whips from Witmer’s that must be close to 25 years old, still doing pretty well. No breaks, but a couple rubs on the string coat got covered with electric tape to stop the fraying, they work fine. Gets lots of daily use with multiple young horses.

Those cheap, braided poly rope covered lunge whips from TSC type places ARE wrist killers! Top heavy, way too short of lash length to ever reach the horse, impossible to get balanced. Using one very much will CREATE wrist problems dragging your hand sideways!

Go for the light weight whip, long stick, then add enough lash to be useful. We have two extendable whips, but husband prefers the one-piece stick with long lash. He has practiced enough to put the lash tip exactly where he wants, to touch-up a lazy horse. I should sell the two extendables, they never get used.

Then take good care of your nice whip. Last time I shopped for the NICE fancy long, light whip he drives with, they were over $100. Way too much to mistreat it and need to buy another!! Horse budget can’t take hits like that!

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I’ve got a Fleck shorter longe whip that is my favorite. Yes, maybe if you need to make contact with your horse it is too short, but one of the benefits of being lighter weight is it’s real easy to get a good crack out of it. I prefer to use it when long lining / double longeing because I can hold it like a regular whip which is more comfortable for me with 2 reins, but I can flick my wrist and get a good pop if needed.

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Just came back to say I got one of the cheaper telescoping fleck whips and I LOVE it! It’s so light, and easy to use. It’s also so easy to put away that that it’s really no problem carrying it out to go lunge each time. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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