Light weight safety endurance stirrups

What do you use for stirrups? I have western peacock stirrups with a rubber band on the outside. Excellent safety stirrups but they must weigh about 5 lbs. They are heavy.

I’m thinking of looking for some light weight stirrups. Would prefer something that prevents you from being dragged if you come off unexpectedly.


I use nylon EZ ride caged stirrups. While I am sure that someone, somewhere has still managed to stick a foot in one somehow, you would have to work hard to do it.

There are some knock-off types around… just make sure that you don’t get any made from the thin aluminum, as they will squash flat under pressure (saw that happen when a friend’s horse stumbled and landed up against a tree… thank goodness she had lost that stirrup or I can’t imagine the state her foot would have been in!!).

I used to love the EZ ride stirrups, and l still do love my old ones. But the new ones have a replaceable stirrup cage that I’ve found much less safe as there is a good sized hole towards the bottom. I’m keeping my old ones for now and hoping they change the design…