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Little Acres farm in Bedford, MA?

I have a friend looking to move her horse to a well run stable without barn drama from boarders or owner. She has found Little Acres farm in Bedford, MA. Do any Massachusetts posters know anything about this farm and whether or not it would fit her criteria? Thanks in advance.

Depends on her criteria.

Full disclosure, I’ve had my mostly retired horse at Little Acres for years now. My experience has been

  1. Boarders are fairly relaxed. While friendly and inviting, if you just want to show up and cuddle your pony (like me), then that’s okay too. You want to join a group trail ride or expedition to Great Brook Farm, well, the invite is open and those with trailers are generous.
  2. Barn manager is very on the ball wrt weather & external circumstances and their impact on things like turnout and schedule .
  3. Barn manager wants happy horses. This might mean experimenting with who gets turned out with whom and hours/blanketing but she really does want to make the horses’ comfortable.
  4. The basics of clean water, plenty of food, and daily checks are covered.

Like any boarding barn, there are pluses and minuses. Barn has a solid manager, lots of gorgeous trails, and a good set of boarders. While there are minus, they haven’t been deal breakers for me. Doesn’t mean it’s going to meet everyone’s needs & expectations.

Feel free to PM me for more details.

Thank you, this actually sounds pretty close to what she is looking for. I’ll recommend that she join Coth and then she can pm you if she wants more details.

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I don’t know specifics, but it’s a beautiful area, not too far from where I live. Would have been a great place for my mare’s retirement as I am still hand-walking her on the trails. A friend has her horses at Churchill Farms which is nearby.

And now I’m thinking I need to get over there and hike!

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