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Live commentator?

I’ve been told that because the speaker system at the T&M is designed for only the seating areas, they have to turn it up so that the riders can hear it on the arena floor. The system is not split, so they can’t adjust the volume on the arena floor independent of the volume in the seats.

They warned that they would run out early, so we bought ours on Wednesday. It’s too bad - if they knew that, why didn’t they order more?

Axel’s commentary was great. I’m sure we looked like freakish aliens to the people without radios when a large portion of the crowd would suddenly laugh or stick their hands in the air.[/QUOTE]

That’s interesting. When I asked about it earlier, they said “We have plenty. It should be fine.” Ha! When we got there on Thursday at 11:45 they were already sold out. How dumb was that?

I bought mine on Wednesday because I always worry to miss something. and I was also confused when they said that they ran out of them.

My cohort and I were the first in line after they ran out. We begged them and managed to buy the two they were using as demos.

For those of us not there, we had commentary on FEI TV, do you know who the woman commentator was during the Freestyle?..she talked WAY too much.

Big fan of Axel Steiner, nailed it always,