Live commentator?

Has anyone heard if there will be live commentary during dressage? And who might be narrating? I really enjoyed it in previous WCs.

Axel Steiner will be doing headphone commentary throughout the World Cup.

Great! Now to find my earpiece.

Wow! Thanks for sharing that, Terri!

I will be thrilled to have him in my ears. :slight_smile: It will help make up for the lack of high speed so I haven’t had the chance to listen to him at the CA shows.


I haven’t been to the WC in ten years. The last time they sold a small radio tuned specifically to their Channel. How do they do it now?

I much enjoyed the commentary when I attended previously, so am looking forward to that. We bought the small radio sold there, too, but I still have the set from last time, and wonder if I must purchase another. If I needn’t buy a new one, then I have that much more to spend at the vendors!

Info was just put out about this, and it is only $40 for the headset/radio. I thought it would be more for such an event, and am excited to get mine!

I’ve never gotten the light commentary before. Is it broadcast on the AM wave so I could pick it up with my own little radio?

Where is the info posted? I’ve been stalking the web site but haven’t seen it. Can these be reserved or purchased in advance?

This is from the World Cup Las Vegas’ Facebook page.

Some more great news for dressage fans this morning. In addition to watching unforgettable performances, those attending the Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Dressage Final at the Thomas & Mack Center will also have the opportunity to follow all the action step-by step with the return of the popular “Dressage with the Expert” audio service, with commentary by Axel Steiner. For one low cost of $40 World Cup attendees can purchase an in-house listening device for the entire event, including all dressage performances. Devices will be available for purchase at the event. For more information: please send an e-mail to: For more information, please visit

I just asked. No, they cannot be purchased in advance. And cash or check only. No credit cards!

I have one that a friend gave me from the Super Bowl in 2007. It worked on the same frequency for the World Cup in 2007 and 2009. Chances are, yours will still work. Perhaps check the batteries.

Thanks, keysfins, that’s good to know! I’ll check the batteries and throw it in my luggage, just in case. I bought the one sold in 2007, too, but the 2009 model was better and that’s the one I would bring.

Just wanted to comment that this little radio was one of the best things at the Worldcup!!! Axel Steiner was doing an amazing job!!!

I was absolutely PISSED that they ran out.

I loved the commentary as well although my battery was dead yesterday which was a bummer. Great investment that added to the enjoyment of the event when it worked though.

I second this.

Me too!!! My friend and I thought we’d wait to decide whether we wanted one, and when we tried to get one during the break on Thursday, they were already sold out. Seriously? Talk about bummer.

They warned that they would run out early, so we bought ours on Wednesday. It’s too bad - if they knew that, why didn’t they order more?

Axel’s commentary was great. I’m sure we looked like freakish aliens to the people without radios when a large portion of the crowd would suddenly laugh or stick their hands in the air.

MIne worked well on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday, I had to cup my hand over it to hear Axel… (Yes, I had turned it off religiously after each day)… I think the music was so loud, it almost drowned out the commentary…
Do they really have to have the music sooo loud for the Free Styles???:confused: