Long distance horse shipping - recommendations?

Hi all - I am relocating from Madison, WI to San Francisco, CA in mid-August and will be arranging for my 15-year-old TB gelding to be shipped to CA around 9/1. Does anyone have recommendations on shipping companies that are good (and/or any to avoid)?


Equine Express. I have used them for long distance shipping and been very pleased.

Equine Express has hauled our last few horses, some long distances and took excellent care of them.

I wonder what the cost difference would be to send them on a truck vs. by air?

I used American Horse Transportation when I bought my yearling. Brought him from GA to WA and they were fantastic. They were super responsive and kept me up to date on how the trip was going. When he got here he looked great and the guys were extremely patient with him. He didn’t want to get off the trailer but they were super positive and patient with him even though they had a full load they still had to deliver that evening. Would use them again without question.

The FedEx pallets within the US are now $12,000. Plus shipping to get them to and from the airports. Call Brookledge.

Equine Express might not do that route. I just asked them about CO to MN and they said they only haul in and out of TX. I was happy with them when I brought Seven up from Texas to Colorado.

Bob Hubbard most certainly does do that route, and I would check with them.

Yikes that’s a spicy meat-a-ball!!!

I would NEVER recommend Brookledge, after hearing horror stories from some people and having had my own bad experience with them (fortunately, not to the detriment of my horse).

OP, I’ve had very good experiences with Tony Aprile at Aprile Horse Transportation, although I don’t know if he goes out that way. PM me for his phone number if you’d like. You could also try Craig Sappington at C & E Horse Transport.

I just shipped three Marchadors from East TN to Alberta using Twilight Hauling. Nikki was quite professional, had a good rig (full air ride on truck and trailer), and the buyers were pleased with the condition of the horses on arrival.

Try her at:

twilight.hauling <twilight.hauling@shaw.ca>

I don’t know if she does this route or not.


C&E is great - very professional, prompt, and courteous. I’ve known the Sappingtons for about 20 years now. I don’t think they go that far west, but it would be worth a call to Craig or Christina to find out.