Long line recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for long lines? I’m looking specifically for lines that are leather, have buckle ends instead of clipping to the bit, and are long enough that I can double lunge in.

I saw some driving reins online but they seem to be around 16’ or so, I was kind of hoping to find something a bit longer so I can alternate between double lunging and in-hand work.

These ones look nice but I think the lines are only 8ft each?

Might be worth going to a harnesser to have some custom lines made for you.

This place looks like they might take custom orders? Or you could check on the driving forum and see if they have recommendations.

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I had my surcingle & lines custom made. My lines are not all leather, leather buckles attached to rubber reins & they are 20 feet. It’s been a few years but it was handmade by an Amish gentleman probably old enough to be my grandfather. I picked them up personally & all of the harnesses upstairs were beautifully made & good quality. I was very happy with them.


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I’ve never seen that being sold anywhere. You might try some of the saddleseat supply places though. I went to cotton with rolled fronts and find them so much lighter and easier to work with.


Fennells or Freedman’s leather is who I would have custom make if you want buckle end.

I own these, pulley is removable, and they are excellent but I use my cotton pair with rolled fronts more often.


I am curious about double lunging - how does that work?

It’s basically ground driving, but you’re positioned more like you are when you lunge instead of following the horse around. I’ve seen it done with a surcingle and the outer rein is just run through one of the loops and over the horse’s back, but I think some people will just run it all the way out and around the horse’s hind end.

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Richard Malmgren who is married to J. J. Tate in Campobello SC has a source for them. I have seen and used his lines; they are what you mean. I believe he gets them in Sweden. You might get in touch with them.


Not leather, but I had a set made from 3/8" yacht rope with leather slobber straps instead of snaps on the end. I really like the weight and “play” they have, and they slide through the surcingle D’s nicely. Ordered from Rose Lodge Equine on Etsy. She was great to work with and will make them whatever length you want.

Have you tried Schneiders or any of the saddlebred/arabian websites? Double longing is very popular.

Curious why you want buckles instead of snaps? I’m thinking about getting a pair and do not know what the difference would be.

Snaps jangle and rattle leather gives a more steady rein connection.



I had long lines made at my friendly Amish harness shop. Made order, however you want. When my trainer officially hung out his shingle, his barn warming present was 20’ long lines, half pebble grip, with snaps. Last time I was there, I got a set of biothane driving lines with Ds added for used with a German martingale, with hand holds; I think they were $90.

If I can find a receipt, I can give you his business name. I’ve known him for years, so just stop in when I visit Mom.

However, the best set of long lines I’ve used were made by an old trainer. They are half rope, half leather, with bio hand holds riveted on. They are a little country, but perfect and obviously the product of years of need.

I’m not a huge fan of the cotton web lines and I loathe the nylon ones.

That’s what a bunch of us did as a gift for our trainer.

My cotton lines can go in the dishwasher on no heat and dry overnight. So if it’s muddy or yucky those are what get used.

My leather ones take time to clean, if it’s nice out, they are my favorite. :grin:

I spent a fair amount of time ground driving and long lining. Love it. I found the cotton lines were better as they were lighter and easier to handle. I have the ones that are small from the bit to about the surcingle rings. They are easy to clean and find. Cheap too!
Good luck