Longhorn Billy Cook, Dakota, and Hereford Tex Tan Saddles

Does anyone know anything about these brands and how nice of saddles they are, and about what they might be worth? I have three Western saddles by these brands (two of which I inherited), but was primarily an English rider, and haven’t ridden Western in about 10 years.

The Dakota is about 15 years old and has been mostly out of use for nearly 10 of those years. It’s a 15" barrel saddle.

The Longhorn Billy Cook is around 30 years old, has been out of use for close to 10 years as well, but has been well used before that. It’s a 15.5" roping saddle. I’ve heard about Texas-made vs. Oklahoma-made Billy Cooks and can’t find anything saying where it was made, but only Longhorn Billy Cook markings.

The Hereford Tex Tan is probably from the '60s or '70s, has been out of use for many years, but is well used with some of the leather replaced (including the fenders). It’s a 15" trail/pleasure saddle. It doesn’t have Hereford Tex Tan marked anywhere on it anymore due to the fact that the leather that was marked with it has been replaced, but it does have a serial number on the leather behind the cantle.

I like Billy Cook’s if their stamped with Sulphur, CO as this was AFTER the recession that hit in the 1980’s that ended their relationship with Longhorn. Pott’s-Longhorn didn’t survive the recession and I’ve heard saddles made during this time may not be as solid as others.

Dakota saddles are great, but I don’t have too much experience with them.

I’ve personally owned 2 Hereford and Hereford Tex Tan saddles. If they fit my horses I would never have sold them. They are solid, well made saddles.

Edited to add: You can email Alex at alex@actioncompany.com for information on Hereford Tex Tan saddles, and the Billy Cook too as they own both brands or the brands they progressed into. Alex was able to identify an old saddle I bought from the mid 1980’s!


Billy Cook depends on where it was made.

Dakota is a good mid-range saddle. I have one that is 25 years old that we use almost daily. Did have the fleece replaced and some restitching completed this winter and it rides better than before. I have another that is over 20 years old that needs a little work completed but again used often and hard. Both are barrel saddles.

The Hereford was good at one point but then went down. I am not sure of the time frame.

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