Looking ahead for 2022 breeding season

So, thinking about stallion choices for next season. Specifically warmblood stallions that are homozygous for producing dark color (non chestnut). My mare is chestnut and had a beautiful chestnut colt this year by Don Deluxe. So, just thinking about what I might want to do potentially for future foals out of her. Looking for dressage lines. Color is not priority in my breeding program, I value temperament, conformation and ability more, but at this point I’m just compiling my list of stallion choices. Thanks!

What does your mare typically produce, and what areas does she need improvement? Will this be for you, or for resale?

This year was her first foal. Her dam is chestnut as well and her two half siblings are chestnut; all three are by either bay or black sires. So I’m thinking the chestnut is quite dominant :wink:
This next one will either be for me or resale, depending on which of the two I decide to keep. My mare was just this year accepted into the main studbook for the American Hanoverian Society as a non hanoverian mare. She has a wonderful temperament and work ethic and an extensive performance record through FEI. She needs a stronger hind end but overall she is pretty well balanced. Also, probably improvement in the canter as well. I’ve got a pretty good idea of my short list for stallions but just wanted to see if I could find all the qualities I’m looking for including color result. I know I’m just going for a long shot, but it’s still early enough to see what’s out there.

Other color gurus can correct me, but my understanding is chestnut is a recessive gene – breeding chestnut to chestnut always results in chestnut, and breeding chestnut to other colors depends on whether those other colors are Homozygous or not.

What breed is she? It can be worth it to see what other owners who have a similarly bred horse are breeding to – IE, I know several breeders who have spanish stock (mostly Lippizan) who are breeding to Totilas sons and the resulting foals look very nice for an amateur market.

Any conformation photos?

Who is on your list? Right now, I’m watching Grand Galaxy Win and Benneton Dream, I seem to like the foals I see by them. I’m curious to see more Sir James foals now that Hilltop stands him - I have a filly by him out of a remarkable mare and I never get used to how nice she is.

For improving canter and hind end I don’t know if you could go wrong with an F-line stallion. There are tons to pick from and almost all of them are bay and some even homozygous black.

She is half arabian half hanoverian by Feiner Stern. I own one of her half siblings from the dam as well and he is by DeNiro. So I know that worked well with the arab line.

Based on just liking what I see in their ability and conformation and not factoring color, I have Revolution at the top of the list. I follow his offspring group on FB and like what I see and people are saying good things about temperament.

I also really like Valverde but not sure he would suit my mare. I like the stallion George Clooney from hilltop, he is a DeNiro son so I could go that route again.

I’ll have to look more into Grand Galaxy Win and Sir James. Thanks!

I am just going down the warmblood path so I may not be helpful at all. If your mare was able to be registered with any if the registries he is approved for I would suggest Sir Sinclair. Apparently bay is his thing unless bred to grey. I have a friend with a Sir Sinclair gelding and she adores him! He may have a son out there that might fit the bill as well.


Revolution and George Clooney are both very exciting. Isn’t FB great how you can make groups for offspring like that? I’m in a couple and just love seeing other people’s journeys with their horse.

Your mar sounds nice. I absolutely love a nice Arab x. There’s been a couple of really nice ones by an eventing stallion near me that look like the real deal.

It’s becoming pretty common for dark-coated stallions, especially in North America, to be color tested for the red factor as it is definitely a factor for a number of breeders. For the Hilltop stallions, we have it listed on their stallion pages if it’s been done. Here’s a fun color calculator tool to play with too re: probabilities. https://www.animalgenetics.us/equine/ccalculator1.asp


I have a very dark bay mare - almost black ( I guess she is bay). I look at her and think - Wow that is a very striking color. And I have a chestnut mare and I look at her copper colored coat that has metallic accents during the Fall and I think Wow she is such a pretty color. So I don’t think you can go wrong either way.


If I were in your position, I would start researching successful sires and horses successful in sport, Who have a Feiner Stern close-up. Then look at replicating that Nick.

I’ve noticed them, but I don’t remember who they are!
Found this:


Besides looking at Feiner Stern crosses I would also see which stallions cross well with Arabs. Arab blood is pretty consolidated and prepotent so I would not downplay that contribution to the foal. Two I can think of that are dark are Rosenthal and Sinatra Song. I believe but am not positive that several hunter breeding champions are from a Rosenthal / Feiner Stern cross. Unfortunately he is deceased but I think perhaps he had a son go through the stallion licensing recently.

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If you are fine with using frozen then the world is your oyster. I imagine Judy Yancey would know the color genes status on some of the stallions she carries plus how amateur friendly they are. If you want fresh semen then Avalon Equine stands a black Sandro Hit son Sarkozy. Also High Point stands a son of Rosenthal and at least one other black stallion. Lots of lovely stallions out there!

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Thanks, I’m trying to expand my knowledge of the different bloodlines as I’m most familiar with the Donnerhall ones.

I wish there were more groups for some of the others too. These younger stallions are getting offspring under saddle now, so its nice to hear how trainable they are.

She got pregnant with this year’s colt with frozen on the first try, so I was thrilled. Of course there’s no guarantee that will happen again, lol.

The inspection results should have given you some indication of what you should be looking for in a stallion…and the Verband might offer suggestion who did you end up choosing