Looking for a barn and trainer in the Los Angeles area


I’m moving to LA in a few months, and would like to start riding again, so I’m looking for a barn that I can take lessons at, and lease a horse (I just graduated so I dont know if I will be able to buy a horse at the moment). I will be working in century city, and most likely living in the Larchmont Village area (still somewhat up in the air). I would like to start showing again sometime soon, so a good showbarn is a plus. Can anyone recommend any trainers/barns?

From Larchmont you’re probably going to be best heading into the San Fernando Valley. Maybe Paddock Riding Club or LAEC (LA Equestrian Center).

I ride at a barn in Cerritos (First Field Farm) near the 91/605 interchange, but that wouldn’t be terribly convenient from Century City and probably pretty awful from Larchmont.

Welcome to COTH and to LA.

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I highly recommend Erin Duffy Show Stables. She is known for her incredible care of horses and training. There are also a lot of amateurs who ride there. I know some of her clients live in Larchmont / Hancock Park area. So reasonably close

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Do you have trainer recs for Paddock Riding club and LAEC?

No personal experience, nor even that if close friends. Three people that come to mind via acquaintances or watching at shows are Karen Perlow, David Josiah, and Kim Baxter.

Just jumping in on this thread as I’m moving too, though I’ll be in Los Feliz, and looking for a jumper barn. It’s pretty overwhelming!

I’ve spoken to Karen Perlow (really nice, mostly hunters in the barn right now, leases out of my budget), Traci at Balmoral (also mega nice, extremely out of my budget), Julie at Sagebrook (seems to be lower level/mostly kids, no horses jump over 3’). Janene at Silent Partners at the Paddock was lovely but they seemed to show more than I was interested in. I also have Kim Baxter and True Blue Farms on my radar though I haven’t been able to get in touch. I had a great call with Amy Hess at Avanti Equestrian but I don’t know if she has a lesson program, actually. Heard good things about Ever Wood Stables but crossed them off my list as I was told they really focus on hunters.

There’s also a “Burbank - Glendale - Griffith Park Equestrians” group on Facebook, if you post there you will get tons and tons and tons of recs on the LAEC and Paddock trainers. And it seems there’s lots of barns out by Sylmar / Lake View Terrace that I have no intel on.

There are SO many barns/trainers and it’s hard to figure out who has decent school horses or lease options, so I’m hoping more LA locals chime in - this is just what I’ve found from chatting to people, looking online, and making phone calls.


I used to work for Amy - she did have a lesson program when I worked for her (4-5 years ago, when she was at Flintridge).

I had a great time working for her and she has some really lovely horses. Clients were also wonderful.


Erin does a wonderful job, the amateurs at her barn are close friends of mine and it’s a lovely program. It’s not inexpensive though.

At the Paddock, I think Kate Considine does a great job, but she is very focused on the hunters.

If you wanted to stay Westside, I would get my name into Sullivan Canyon for a membership. They finally let in a new trainer, Jodi Spurgeon. She gives terrific lessons, she’s very friendly and low drama and can do the hunters and the jumpers. When I rode at Meadow Grove and she was there full time, she was really fantastic to work with. I’m not sure how long the waitlist is at Sullivan Canyon, but it’s worth putting an application in. She can definitely find you a suitable horse for a full lease.

Otherwise, Ginny at Everwood is lovely and very correct in her teaching. You are limited over there in terms of turnout, but there’s good trail riding.

It’s a good time to come to LA, they are really trying to invest in the local show scene with good footing and better options. I just got back from a small show at Hansen Dam that was ideal to practice at. We had nice courses and footing and it just overall had a nice feel.


And it isn’t as crazy expensive as I thought it might be. Not a cheap initiation, but not horrific. And a lovely facility.


Kate is at Flintridge Riding Club.

If you will be working, you need to factor in commute times and whether or not you’ll need to ride after work during the week. Some trainers don’t have working adults in their barn and stop teaching at 5:00.

If you live in Larchmont, Paddock would probably be the easiest commute.


Wow, no votes yet for Pat Lincourt at the Paddock? She’s super nice, great with the horses (does a lot of R+ training), and (at least in years past) used to keep a lesson horse or two.