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Looking for a barn in Columbus, OH

Hi everyone! I am a student at Ohio State and I am looking for a new barn to ride at in the Columbus area… I just began riding English this past winter and have been loving. I’ve been having difficultly finding a good barn to ride at, however, and would love some help! The main aspects of a barn that I would like are:

  • the willingness to teach me about horsemanship in addition to riding skills… I’d like to be at a barn that could take me on as an intern/volunteer to learn all about horse management and care
  • a kind and patient instructor who is willing to work with young adults like me
  • either a hunter/jumper or eventing focus

That’s a lot to ask, I completely understand, but if anyone could give me any guidance I’d greatly appreciate it! I really want to improve in my riding ability and I am willing to work hard to do so. Thanks everyone!

Jamie mills at empress valley. While she’s hunter, she is very accommodating, and you will learn valuable skills.

I have a small hunter/jumper barn about 35 minutes north of OSU and my friend, Vada Welch, is our trainer with her personal horses available for lessons/showing/etc. There are no large group lessons and you will progress as far as you would like to go as long as you are willing to work at it. She will train you to ride as well as how to train a horse later on down the road if you are so inclined. You can contact her at 740-360-9375 or me, Janice Lovat, at 614-314-3501. We are not a fancy facility but we have very nice horses, mostly OTTB’s.

thanks for the replies, everyone! I am currently looking into a barn and will let you know what I think… Thanks again!