Looking for a good farrier close to Culpeper

I live 12 miles sw of Culpeper and would like to find a good farrier, along with equine vet and small animal vet. Preferably holistic.

sent you a PM

Dave Giza

Lee Witscher (farrier) lives in Hume… I “think” he travels to Culpeper 540-454-3695.

Steve White, DVM. Equine. Not sure about small animals or the holistic requirement. But a very good vet on the occasion I used him years ago.

Steve White DVM of White Oak Veterinary Service in Flint Hill, VA is a very good equine vet. He only works on horses. Small animals require someone else.

Steve has been my vet for the last 16 year. I see him regularly as I am a breeder and run a sale operation from my farm.

Blue Ridge Animal Hospital, and Dr. Rushing in particular, have been a great small animal vet for us.

I’d recommend my farrier, who is amazing, but who I also know isn’t taking clients.

My equine vet is Piedmont Equine out of The Plains, and while they come to me in Culpeper, I’m not sure how far south in the County they reliably go. Love them, however, and the depth and scope of their practice is great. Always a good vet on call for emergencies, and Dr. Davis is a tremendously good sport horse vet, IMHO.

I am a huge fan of Piedmont Equine Vet and they do go to Culpeper. All of their vets are amazing and while not holistic, they are open-minded and educated about alternative therapies.

And Lee Witscher is a great farrier. PM me for contact info if you need it.

I use Rose Hill as my small animal vet but they are in Sperryville which is further than you need to go.

Steve Rice