Looking for a hunter barn to train & show with in NYC area....

It’s been a challenge finding a good barn. Looking for lessons and showing opportunities near NYC. Open to CT and NY state. 10 years riding & show experience. Help!

It’s going to depend a lot on your budget and whether you have your own horse.

Try Jt farm in South Salem, NY. Jimmy toon’s farm. He has a great assistant who teaches as well as himself. He also has a lot of horses you can lease month to month or just start taking lessons on. For the hunters he is one of the best and his farm is about 1 hour from NYC.

Another good option is Sage Hill Farm at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Tarrytown. Stephanie Demmon and Maggie Boylan are great. They don’t have as many “extra” horses lying around for lessons but do have some lease options available and they do a great job.


Ditto. Know somebody who used to work there. Surprisingly good program given the location. Reasonable too.

I second this. There are a lot of options but it will definitely depend on your budget, whether or not you have your own horse (and/or are willing to lease). Also, where in NYC are you? Are you wanting something in the Westchester/North Salem/South Salem area? Or are you closer to the Long Island area? (the traffic is never pleasant but there are lots of barn options out there). Also, depending on where you are, sometimes New Jersey is not a bad option.

OP, one thing to keep in mind is that many farms that tout that they are only an “hour or less” from NYC aren’t exactly that. The driving times are typically very optimistic and might work IF you are right next to one of the bridges or tunnels and there is little to no traffic.

For example, to get from NYC to JT Farm will take you an hour and 15 minutes if traffic isn’t bad. I drove from that area today and getting back into NYC took about 90 minutes due to road construction. Many places in NJ will take you about the same (Nona Garson’s place, Redfield) if traffic is bad.

There is some FANTASTIC riding in South Salem/North Salem but it comes with a big price tag, partly due to high property taxes. However, you would have a lot of options.

Send me a PM if you’d like suggestions on westchester or NJ.

Commutes can be hellish - 30 minute drives can take 1-5 to 2 hours. Take a commuter train and taxi if you can at peak travel times

Would you be willing to consider NJ?

Ithilien in New Jersey! I’ve tried everything - big programs, small programs, Long Island, North Salem, etc. Leah is great and is really flexible with her city riders.

The drive is only about an hour, an hour in a half in terrible traffic.

Knoll Farm on Long Island. You can take penn straight to the barn. It is across the street from the train station. You can walk right to the barn, very convenient.


[QUOTE=enp082;8317520]Knoll Farm on Long Island. You can take penn straight to the barn. It is across the street from the train station. You can walk right to the barn, very convenient.


Yes it is right across the street from the railroad station but what’s happening with the property, is it being sold for housing or not? For a while it was in the papers a lot about the sale to a developer. What is the quality of the school horses?

Riverstone Farm in Pleasantville, NY (and a farm in Ocala, FL) has great trainers (Kim Perlman, David Perlman, Caroline Sykes)and amazing horse care. It’s a half hour closer to NYC than barns in North Salem, South Salem and Bedford. Accessible by car and train. Best if you have your own horse, though right now they have a couple of lease and sale options.

I have a few horses at Knoll and I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time… the property will NOT be sold for housing. I promise you, it is the most underrated facility on Long Island without going super far east. It’s on almost 18 acres which is pretty rare for central Long Island. Laura Hagen is based out of there now, she is excellent with hunter/jumpers. I don’t know what discipline you do? School horses are quite good too, it depends on your level as well :slight_smile: If you have any questions though, let me know. There are a lot of NYC commuters though at Knoll because you don’t need a car at all… there is a direct train and the barn is right across the street.

I’m so glad to hear the farm won’t be sold. I rode there with Anne Gribbons in the mid to late 70s when I was going through my dressage phase so I am very familiar with the property. I am no longer riding, was just curious if they had decent school horses.

awesome Bac :slight_smile: The farm is doing great and growing especially now that they are just as big with hunter/jumpers as they are with dressage.

I see that Pat Conlan is still there, she was a boarder when I was there.

yup she is still there :slight_smile:

The Ridge Farm / Nona Garson 57 Bissell Rd, Lebanon, NJ 08833