Looking for a new barn-- Columbus, Ohio

Hi everyone,
A friend of mine has a daughter that wants to move barns. Her daughter is almost 10 and she does the crossrails. She wants a barn that shows but a barn that still has lots of fun (ie. Summer camps, kids her age, group lessons, ect.) Also, a barn that wouldn’t mind if she wrapped her pony in colorful standing wraps/polos or had colorful blankets. This barn would have to be located in the Columbus, Ohio area (near Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, or Worthington)

Thank you so much for any suggestions!!! :slight_smile:

if you don’t mind pataskala, try bookmark farms. there are lots of kids there and camp. colorful things no problem, i’m an adult and where lots of crazy things lol…

I second Bookmark Farms! Great program and tons for kids to get involved in! Very welcoming place.

Try using the search function. We have had at least two other threads seeking similar info in the last few months. Make it easier for you since they had good responses from those who may not see this thread.