Looking for a new barn

Hi everyone,
A friend of mine has a daughter that wants to move barns. Her daughter is almost 10 and she does the crossrails. She wants a barn that shows but a barn that still has lots of fun (ie. Summer camps, kids her age, group lessons, ect.) Also, a barn that wouldn’t mind if she wrapped her pony in colorful standing wraps/polos or had colorful blankets. This barn would have to be located in the Columbus, Ohio area (near Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, or Worthington)

Thank you so much for any suggestions!!! :slight_smile:

I’d pop your location in the subject of your post to attract those who might be able to help.

Empress valley.

YOu may have found a barn already, but Molly Duzan, or Duzan Riding Academy sounds about perfect for what you describe!

I am not super familiar with the location, but both barns mentioned have nice IEA teams. I will also add Nancy Ardledlge at The Paddock Stables. Good luck!