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Looking for a PPE vet in Case Grande AZ area - anybody?

Just what it says. My vet suggested I ask to haul the horse down so she can check it out herself and I was like yeah I wouldn’t let someone do that to my horse!

I just lost my most precious girl on Wednesday but this has been in process for a month so before I knew all of what was going on with her and I need to get a move on or pass on the horse (and I don’t want to do that).


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Can you get an appt. at Chapparal and have the horse hauled there?

I’m a couple hours north of Casa Grande, so I use different vets.

@hillary_again rides in the Phoenix valley area. She could probably suggest some names.

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@reefy, I don’t know of any vets in Casa Grande. I board at the John Volken Academy Ranch in Gilbert. Sorum Vet is a mobile vet practice and is at the ranch almost every week and many people haul up from Casa Grande for services from them. There are two vets in that practice . Arizona Equine is at Gilbert and Ray, not much farther north. That’s a full vet hospital with 3+ vets. I recommend both of these. Very experienced with sport horses.


Not all the veterinarians at Arizona Equine perform prepurchase exams. How in depth of an exam are you interested in? That could help determine what availability there is.

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I’m looking into Arizona Mobile Vet. After what I just went through with my horse, I want a general flexions/health exam and radiographs of all 4 feet.

Thanks guys!

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