Looking for a Reining Trainer

Hey all! I’m looking into reining, and there’s really nothing in my area. I’m willing to travel, though!

Looking for a competitive reining trainer in Georgia. The closer to Griffin or Athens, the better. I’m not concerned with price.

You may start here:


Reiner magazine has all kinds of professional reining trainer ads.

The reiner association website may also have a list of reining trainers.

You can look thru reining horse ads and see what you find close to where you are:


There is a list of trainers here also:


Heather Johnson is in Ringgold, GA so not necessarily close to you but well worth the drive. I have been riding with her about once a month since this past summer and she is amazing.


I have heard good things about Herm Sherwin, who I believe is closer to you.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herm-Sherwin-Performance-Horses/134871446574088

Any thoughts on Wendy Gray?

I have some FB friends that ride with her. They love her, I do not have any personal experience though. I second Heather Johnson. Absolutely incredible! If you have not found a trainer by May, you should attend the Dixie Reining Show in Perry. Tons of farms in attendance and Raleighs Mom will be making her debut!

I’ll definitely check that out! Thank you!

I highly recommend Richard Wheatley. He’s in Suwanee, closer to Alpharetta. He charges $50 for what is generally just over an hour, and it’s the best $50-and-just-over-an-hour you’ll ever spend. He teaches you to ride, train, and show, all at the same time (or just one, or whatever else that you want), and the horses he’s got for lessons are great. I can provide contact information if you’re interested.

Francis Mercier in Watkinsville is good too; he’s actively showing and has plenty of horses in training. Nice facilities. I believe he runs $50 an hour as well. Different style from Richard, but what works for one may not for another, it’s a matter of personal preference. He’s got a facebook page with his contact information.