Looking for a stall feeder for soaked hay

I am looking for a way to easily soak hay, and feed it in a stall, without a mess. I found http://www.haycube.co.uk/ which look great. But only seem to be available overseas.
Any recommendations for a similar product, that is available in Canada?
I really like the above design, since it has wheels, and I don’t have to climb on a step stool to hang a net.

Any suggetions are very much appreciated.


Feeding soaked hay

There are many interesting ideas in this thread.

Get 2 muck buckets. Drill multiple holes in 1. Place bucket with holes inside intact bucket and soak hay. After soaking, separate and let hay drain. Then you can feed hay from the muck bucket. I tie the muck bucket to stall grill with hay string. Inexpensive feeder??

Take a look at this site- www.labs.blogs.com/its_alive_in_the_lab/2010/06/crawfish-2010.html

You can replace the crawfish with hay/cubes. The metal strainer in the metal pot is expensive but would last a lifetime.

Further down the page you see a blue plastic strainer that fits in a red muck bucket.

It is $20.50 here, www.leefisherfishing.com/products/fish-baskets Lots of commercial fishing supply places have them, and in many sizes. Fishermen use them to unload their catch.

It is $18.99 at www.seagearmarine.com/fish-basket.html

www.academysports.com has one, the H&H Lure Heavy Duty Fish Basket. Item#CHAMP40-P

Plug item# in the search box, I could not make the link work. They may have Academy Sports stores in Canada.

If not these, maybe a laundry basket with small holes?

Last idea… take a muck bucket to your local hardware store, and ask them to help you put a drain (like a rain barrel would have) on it. a PVC Ball Valve should work. You can Google an image of it, they cost about $3.00. But be careful horse doesn’t step on the valve and damage it or himself.

If you want wheels, just use a muck bucket cart, or one of those rolling trays they put under heavy flower pots.