Looking for a stallion in Europe

A friend of mine is looking for a stallion for his mare. She’s a Zangersheide by Sandreo (Sandro Hit x Flemmingh), maternal line Domburg (Donnerhall). She has competed succesfully in dressage up to level 4 and in showjumping to 1.35.

I would like to have your suggestions about which stallion would be more convenient to breed her.

That is such a wide question it is almost impossible to answer! Does the stallion have to be in Europe? There are many good stallions in the USA. As start, I would suggest you have a look through previous posts as the question ‘what stallion?’ comes up frequently and there is a wealth of knowledge available in the answers.

what is the mare’s registration?
Where is she located.
what is the goal for the foal?

The mare is in Europe, hence why the stallion should be in Europe. My friend is not a breeder, he’s just retiring his mare and since she’s been so good at sports and has an outstanding character and reliability he would like to breed her. She’s registered as Zangersheide (Z).

As mentioned she´s has had victories on middle level dressage and also showjumping. She could have been an awesome eventer but eventing is not very popular around here.

He would like to breed her for showjumping. Maybe a stallion who could give her more bone substance and more power.

Any advice would be welcome. Thank you very much for your replies.

Here is her full pedigree

Maybe look at Zangersheid stallions as a starting point. There are quite a range to choose from. I’m sure that help would be available from the Studbook people too.

Stakkatol would be worth a look since a Stakkatol x Sandreo is one of the only ones I can see with Sandreo damsire jumping at the higher FEI levels, based on Horsetelex and he should add scope.

Comilfo Plus maybe, if she is big enough and has good rideability. The foals I have seen are very modern and elastic with good jumps but can be a bit small it seems. I haven’t heard anything negative about him or his foals’ rideability or temperament but whenever I see Comme Il Faut and Baloubet I think you want to make sure your mare isn’t too tough.

I like Aganix du Seigneur and Cicero Z as well.

I believe all are available fresh in Europe.

Thank you very much!! I will have a look at these two stallions.

Also waiting for a reply from Zangersheide stud. Seemingly they called me today but I wasn’t available at the time.

Thank you all very much.

I’d be interested to hear who they suggest, if you don’t mind sharing!

I’ll speak with them next week. They have too many questions about the mare and what should be expected from the stallion and since the mare is not mine I’ve to gather all the relevant information.

I’ll keep you informed.

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What’s the foal’s intended job? Jumping or dressage?

The owner wants a showjumper

I spoke with Zangersheide today. The owner wants to add body mass (the mare is tall but slender), power and suppleness. Since she has super rideability a little bit of blood can be added. They suggested the following stallions:

I personally like very much AGANIX DU SEIGNEUR, but that would be my choice, and it has to be the owner’s choice.

Which one would you prefer, from the mentioned above?

Do you know the mares WFFS status? I recently heard that Comilfo Plus is a carrier. I don’t know if I would count on him to add frame and substance to a light mare either.

Caribis Z comes from a great damline. I think this year was his first crop of foals but the ones I’ve seen look very nice and the semen seems to be very good quality.

Count On Me is young and I haven’t seen any foals by him yet. I loved his dam. I haven’t found much in the way of useful photos or videos of him.

I’d probably lean towards Caribis out of those three choices.

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For all the suggested stallions, full payment is only made after 48 hours the foal is born. Both Caribis and Count on me are WFFS free, Comilfo Plus is not stated so I suposse that’s a carrier??

Yes, Comilfo Plus is a carrier. Z doesn’t do a good job of making that clear on their website, but others do.


Commil faux Plus is a WFFS carrier, I’ve seen him in person and he is also quite small, but loads of talent!
Aganix while not tall has incredible bone and is built like a tank, as is his full brother. All the progeny from him very in height, but they all have a lot of bone.
If the breeder is looking to ad substance I’d go with Aganix!