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Looking for an online physical therapist who is also a rider

I am on the hunt to try to find a physical therapist who can help me with some ankle issues I’ve been having while riding. I’ve been in physical therapy for this issue previously, but the recommended exercises that I was given never really helped my issue when riding even after months of doing the exercises. I’m hoping to find a physical therapist who is also a rider so we can have a bit of a shared language in regards to the issue I’m having. My home area isn’t super horsey, so I’m also figuring trying to find someone who provides online sessions would help open up my options.

If anyone has recommendations, I’d love to hear them.


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You could see if Kathleen could do something online with you: https://www.ridewellperformance.ca/

Haven’t personally worked with her but she works at a farm near me and helped a competitive rider come back to full jumping function after a serious lower body injury.

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Thank you! I will reach out to her.

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