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Looking for Armani '96 bay thoroughbred Gelding no tattoo


I am looking for a horse that i used to own. The last owner I know of sold him through Lisa Peacook in northern CA to someone in Southern CA and from there I do not know where he went, maybe out east it sounds like…?

Does anyone know of a '96 (advertised age could have changed but he’s really '96) bay thoroughbred gelding possibly still named Armani? I believe he doesn’t have a lip tattoo but any leads are worth looking into. Also he’s 15.3 but I know sometimes age and height information changes as owners change so really if you can forward me any information on bay geldings around his age and height that would be so appreciated; his teeth always aged a couple years younger than his actual age, strangely enough.

He’s a huge love bug and has a bit of a roman nose. Pretty good conformation, when I owned him he was compact and athletic, a little tied in at the back of the legs though. He has a half pastern with an ermine spot on his left hind and a very small pinch of a star on his face, no other markings other than some possible skin colored scars.

ANY information would really be a huge help to me! You can always private message me too. I just want to find him and make sure he’s okay, I haven’t owned him for 6 years now but all of a sudden I have an overwhelming feeling that I must find him and make sure he’s okay.

thank you for any and all help

Here’s a link of his youtube video from 8-9 years ago