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Looking for barn in DC area


I’m an adult rider who very recently returned to riding. I grew up showing hunter jumpers in another part of the country, where options for where to ride/participate in the sport were very limited. Now living in the DC area, I am spoiled for choices! I have taken lessons at a couple of places and feel like I am still trying to find the right horse community. I am looking for a place with high quality instruction and the option to move beyond lessons to leasing/showing, but where it’s not necessary/expected that I’ll buy my own horse in the near future. A barn with a good, safe vibe, and a welcoming community of adult amateurs, would also be a plus. Willing to drive within 90 minutes of DC for the right place. Any suggestions recommended - regarding both specific places, and any process to go through to find the right barn/trainer.

Where in the DC area are you? There are going to be very different recommendations if you’re in, say, Manassas VA versus Silver Spring MD versus downtown on Capitol Hill.

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Thanks! I live in NW DC, near AU.