Looking for barn work in Colordao (Denver area)

I am currently looking for a new barn where I can continue to advance my growing horse knowledge as well as used my skills to create superior quality horses and riders. I have over 16 years of riding experience, over 2 years of professional grooming experience. I have been the head groom for two time olympic athlete Jay Hayes for the last two years. I am looking for a barn in the Denver area that is looking or in the need for extra barn help, whether that is exercise riding, grooming, mucking, training, teaching or day to day barn care and maintenance. I have a detailed cover letter and resume for anyone is interested.

There are so many barns near Denver! Whether any of them are looking for help…I’m not sure. I can give you a pretty comprehensive list of barns and trainers though :slight_smile:
Closer to Boulder you have:
Meridian Riding Club (Trayce Ferguson)
White Harvest Farms (Karen Banister)
Blue Star Farms (Kristen Jacob)
Just A Little Farm (Laurie Grayson)

Near Longmont you have:
Sleepy Hollow Farm (Mark Mead and JJ Atkinson)
Frederick Court Show Stables (Courtney Fredrick)

Near Littleton you have:
In Stride Inc (Rebecca Johnson)
Savoy Stables (not sure of trainers name)
Coventry Farms (the McConnells)
Watson Equestrian (Sarah Watson…I’m not exactly sure where she is.)

There are an abundance of trainers in and near Parker (I don’t know how far away you are from Parker though.)

Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:
All of the trainers and barns I lsited do at least some A circuit stuff, and some of them even go east coast and out the Thermal too.
There are more in state and not a serious showing trainers too.

Denver Equestrians always seems to be hiring according to my facebook feed.

BTW, the trainer at Savoy mentioned above is Brianna Davis.

Sarah Watson is at Tolland Falls Ventures if that’s of any interest to you!

There’s also a “Colorado sporthorses” Facebook group that you might have luck on.

There also seem to be a lot of people on the Colorado Horse Forum (FB also - all different disciplines and content) - you might be able to post a position wanted ad in addition to personally contacting some of the barns above.