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Looking for best stallions for my maiden mare, ideas?

I have a wonderful 11 year old mare. I imported her 3 years ago from Belgium, where she had done the 1.35/1.40s age classes and she was supposed to be my first GP horse. Luck wasn’t on our side, and she had a freak injury and while I brought her back to doing the 1.20m and she even dabbled in hunter/eq successfully as well, I don’t think she’s going to hold up long term at the upper levels so I’m looking at breeding her next season.

She has the best brain, best personality, she’s sweet and cuddly with her people (although she’s all alpha mare with other horses), she’s easy to work with and has so much quality and scope (it breaks my heart that we won’t get to do the bigger sticks together). She is 16.3/17hh, has a big step, very careful over the fences, tidy front end, good hind end reflexes. One of my biggest things I DON’T like about her and would like to improve is her canter, it’s not super comfortable. And her rideability was a challenge, she was always a little stiff and rigid through her rib cage and took alot of dressage work to get her canter/rideability better.

Her bloodlines are 1.60m top to bottom… Nabab De Reve x Cabrio x Darco.

I’m interested in producing both jumper and hunter babies from her, any suggestions of who her baby daddy should be would be greatly appreciated!

TIA :slight_smile:

got a good conformation pic?

What do you mean her canter isn’t comfortable? I’m trying to picture how a horse with big step doesn’t have a comfy canter.

Is she short-backed and long-legged?

What sort of 'hunter/eq" did you do? Hunters and Eq horses are often not the same at all - rounder jump vs flatter, and many Eq horses don’t have the movement to place well in flat classes

Where are you? With a maiden you usually want to go with fresh/fresh cooled, not frozen, if at all possible.

Photos and video would be helpful. I’m guessing you are going to want to use a modern, type-y stallion, based on her breeding without seeing her. When you say you want to breed hunters and jumpers, do you want to breed nice dual purpose horses or are you trying to breed jumpers one year and hunters another year? The stallion you would use to produce a 1.50m+ jumper with her wouldn’t likely be the same as the stallion you’d breed to for a top hunter, and neither of those might be the same as the one you’d pick if you want to breed something that moves and jumps well enough to dabble in the hunters but would also be a nice A/O jumper or eq horse.

With the limited information available, some fresh options that spring to mind for good canters and modern type. I don’t remember their detailed pedigrees off the top of my head though and I haven’t seen offspring for all of them, so you’ll want to do more research on them and check the pedigrees. You already have two crosses to Capitol with Cabrio so I’d probably be looking to outcross, even though it is farther back. I’d like to see your mare’s full pedigree.

  • Citadel springs to mind as a stallion with a great canter. He started as a jumper but is now doing the hunters. Admittedly you have Capitol again through Clinton, but it is pretty far removed.
  • Requiem J&F Champlanc (he is in the US but I can’t remember if he is only available frozen or if he is fresh as well. He is a jumper but I recall he moves and jumps nicely.)
  • Clyde VA
  • Casquino (I have a very nice yearling by him out of a more old fashioned Hanoverian mare)
  • Diktator vd Boslandhoeve (again, maybe another cross to Capitol, I don’t remember how far back)
  • Chacco Blue II if your mare has enough type (I believe he is usually available fresh for part of the year)
  • Ut Majeur de Brecey (again, better for a mare with some type, I think, but has some nice hunter offspring and a lovely canter)
  • Viscount, he seems to be a good choice for nice moving and jumping all around types
  • Tamerino

If you are considering frozen as well, I can throw out a few other suggestions. I did use frozen successfully on a maiden mare this year but it’ll depend on your risk tolerance and the vet(s) you have access to.

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Apparently I only have a “conformation” shot from her landing at LAX 3 years ago, but super fun to go back and also find her pics from jumping in Europe :joy_cat::joy_cat:

I have lots of show pictures from the last two season, and in the 3 years I’ve had her, she now has a great top line and right now is embracing her chunky hunter body.

She did the AA’s and AO’s, and age-eq, and medal classes. She never was the hack winner (routinely would get 4th-8th) , but jumps super round. I did well on her in eq, but I also ride in the bigger jumpers so the equitation is just fun for me.

I’m looking to breeder jumpers one year/hunters another year. My barn has surrogate broodmares available as well, so I may look at getting multiples the first year so they have a friend.

Very nice looking mare. I’ll stick by my initial suggestions for fresh options above.

I can’t comment too much on any other hunter suggestions since I don’t breed for the hunters but for the jumpers, I’d be looking for a modern stallion that is quick across the ground. I think some Heartbreaker (and through him, Nimmerdor) blood through would be a nice addition, through one of his sons or a stallion like Ustinov who is out of a Nimmerdor dam, especially if you start looking at frozen options. Cordess might be a nice choice to look at. Chacfly. Vancouver de Lanlore is available frozen in the US now. Maybe Escape Z? Varihoka du Temple would be worth a look. Baltic VDL.

Casall Ask has some stunning hunters!

I am considering him for my mare because I’ve seen so many of his babies. Flat knees, usually always win the hack. Jump is lovely.

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