Looking for Board Near Tampa

Hello! I am looking for full-service board in the Tampa area for my anglo-arabian gelding. I do not want to be at a hunter barn, which seems to be the norm around here. Preferably under 1000$. He is a very good boy, no issues. I am from a predominantly dressage background, but I bought him to be an eventer. It is so very hard to find boarding stables online! I really want him to have access to pasture. He is in a dirt paddock during the day and in at night currently. There is so much pasture around, but I cannot find a boarding facility! Thank you in advance for any help!

Hello! Tampa area is pretty vast and traffic can be difficult. Where exactly are you targeting? They’re quite a few options that I can think of, but without knowing exactly where you want to be, it’s hard to give you a recommendation.

Look north in Brooksville.

There is also this section of Tampa that has a few barns though I don’t know the name but I saw it googling for someone.

I live right downtown, Brooksville is quite far, probably an hour or more. I’d like to be within half an hour, I just don’t know in which direction there is good pasture.

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Contact South Creek Foxhounds.
Also check their website under the All Florida Meet. There are a few barns listed there that could maybe help or could recommend someone

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Thank you very much for the lead!

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Check with Jill Hardt in Plant City. You can get there from Tampa right down I-4 I used to live next door. She is a dressage trainer and a really nice gal. Don’t know what her rates are, she takes clients to shows but is also low key. Has good turn out and a covered arena

You can find her on FB as Tristan Oaks Dressage. She doesn’t post a lot but you can get her phone number from there

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In a similar boat! It sounds like Cottonwood Equestrian Center might be a good fit for you (primarily dressage/trail riders) but very low key and tons of turnout and they have a jump field as well. Lithia might be a bit far for you but to me it’s worth it if it checks all the other boxes!

Thanks! Looks like that place is going to be close to an hour drive for me, but maybe she knows of something else closer!

You’re welcome but I think anything that will suit is going to be a drive. I lived in that area since 1998 but good luck

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Agree w Cottonwood

I moved here from VA 12 years ago. Not sure if you found a place yet but one thing I can recommend is to check the elevation first. The Odessa area (where I live) gets EXTREMELY WET and under water for the most part.
I do know one farm that has an opening and she hasn’t had a stall for over 4 years because trainers come there and stay. It’s high and dry in Odessa, no affiliated trainer but you can bring your own if they have insurance, individual paddocks with excellent grass, grass jump field, trailer parking, seminole feed, great hay, excellent care. $900 per month. Let me know if you want info.
Otherwise be prepared to drive.
Black Dog Farm in Plant City is excellent (no stalls right now)
Alexis Baker is an eventer with room in Webster but that’s farther than Brooksville
Jill Hardt is next door to a HJ farm Sleep Oaks that has OUTSTANDING instruction if you want to hack over and take lessons with Julie.
Basically you will need to drive to Plant City or Brooksville to be at a trainer’s barn that gives good turnout and won’t break the bank or get flooded each summer.

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Another local eventer!!! Do you have a lead on anyone who might offer a half lease? I am having a really hard time getting connected here outside of the HJ lesson factory type places, which is so different from the Mid Atlantic where there are barns with great trainers, turnout, and people looking for a lessee left and right :slight_smile:

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I did actually move him out to Cottonwood! Its a bit of a drive but he’s incredibly happy, and Jody is very knowledgeable and willing to go out of her way to make him happy and healthy and make us feel at home. He has ALL the grass now !


Agree with the difficulty of finding horse people in the Tampa area who aren’t hunter people!

Where is Cotton wood?

Never mind I found where Cottonwood is! Looks great!