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looking for board/trainer for OTT thoroughbred in Middle Tennessee

Hi, I rescued this horse and would like to get it trained and sold to a good home. She is a 3 year old 16.2 hands, very pretty and graceful mover–possible hunter/dressage prospect. If anyone has any recommendations for places within 75 miles of Nashville, TN I would be beyond grateful! Unfortunately due to health problems I cannot keep the horse, but will train and board her until I can find her a good home. I need recommendations for decent board(the place I’m at is not decent) and hopefully find a trainer well-versed in these types of horses. Thank you so much for any help or advice!
*also if there’s a better forum for this type of post please advise, as I couldn’t find one specifically for these subjects :confused:

Well, since no one else has responded, I would suggested PMing subk here on COTH. I believe she is in middle TN.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! If anyone else is more comfortable PMing me with information, please do, I would appreciate it :slight_smile: Desperate to move the horse asap.

I sent you a PM!

Give me a call- 270 366 2923

Sent you a PM

thank you, will call you tomorrow…

Don’t overlook Debi Crowley in Alabama http://www.cottonmeadowsfarm.com/. She is about 80 miles from Nashville and is topnotch with the young horses. I’ve sent several of mine to her for various periods of time and have always been pleased with how much better they are.

^ everything that comes out of Debi’s barn is amazing.

sent you a PM

Hello! I’m a trainer that speciliazes in retraining OTTBs located in cottontown, TN which is about 30 minutes from Nashville. My number is 618-305-5307. Thanks!

Courtney Noel Alexander

Mountain Creek Farm,

How far are you from south Franklin and do you have any eventing background or connections?