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Looking for boarding facility in near Nashville. Any suggestions?


Im looking for a boarding facility in on the south or south west side of Nashville. I am looking for full care, stalls with several options in riding rings. I guess I’ve been spoiled but would really like an indoor or at least a covered arena.

Also, I would love any recommendations for a trainer. Mainly jumpers with a strong dressage background. Doesnt need to be super active for showing, but needs to be the kind of trainer that does training rides too.


No idea of the location though I believe it is generally south westt, but hunters court in Murfreesboro would be my pick hands down.

Brownland (SW- not sure they have an indoor, but many many rings to choose from), Hunters Court (SE- has indoor/outdoor/jump field), Old Hillsboro Manor (SW- indoor, outdoor, field, dressage arena), Roger Vandoren (SW- outdoor, indoor nearby, fields and trails), Green Pastures (SW- indoor, outdoor, plenty of trails).

PM if you want anymore personal input.

Hidden Acres in the the Donelson area of Nashville. If they have room they have an indoor and lots of acerage. The only jumps they have are ones that the boarders bring themselves, but I travel there and teach twice a week. PM me if you would like more info

Thanks for all the information. I think Donelson is going to be too far for us. Anyone familiar with http://www.blackfriarfarm.com/CompetitionHorses.htm or Chelsey Sawtell?