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Looking for boarding suggestions in Southeast Michigan

Hey all!

I am looking for a place to keep my warmblood mare in SE Michigan. I am coming from out of state and I do not really know the area well, and trying to find barn suggestions on Google is a nightmare.

I’d prefer somewhere she can live out with a 3 sided shelter with at least one pasture mate(more is fine) and an indoor. What are your suggestions? Big or small doesn’t really matter. I ride dressage so it would be super nice if there were other folks there that would want to go do stuff like show/lesson/clinic, trail ride, etc but not necessarily a requirement.

Looking like 30-40 min outside of Ypsilanti as that’s where my work is located and where we will likely live.

Would really appreciate any recommendations you have! TIA :slight_smile:

I don’t have any personal experience with this barn, but it ticks your boxes: Synchrony Farm

Do a search here. There was a very similar question in the last year. Lots of ideas in those threads.