Looking For Dressage Farm and Boarding In Gulfport, MS

I am headed to Gulfport, MS after graduation from the Naval Academy and I am looking for somewhere to board my mare. I need some place clean, safe, and willing to deal with a Naval officers schedule. Safety and cleanliness are key I am willing to live in the world’s worst apartment so my horse can be happy and healthy. Please inform me of some barns to look into!

Katherine Coleman? Possibly Singing River Ranch. You won’t find an instructor without driving to Louisiana.

Its pretty much a dressage wasteland here on the MS coast. Jodi Waldrip is right on the Hancock/Harrison County line. Deanna Myers is somewhere around here too. Norton mentioned Katherine Coleman at Sandy Creek, who is just up the road from Jodi. East of Gulfport is Singing River Ranch. That’s about it for dressage. Any upper level trainers/instructors are over in Folsom, LA.

Deanna Myers moved to Folsom. She’s right next to Oak Hill Ranch and works there now.

Good to know, yaya! I swear, sometimes I feel so out of the loop even though I live here. :lol: