Looking for Dressage Judge in August


Anyone have resources or dressage judges for availability for an small event August 6th-8th of this year?

There was some issues in availability so left looking again and calling one and a time and waiting for call-backs (and a lot of disconnected or old numbers) is slowing the show team down.


I’m happy to chat more about the event, location, etc in PM.

Have you looked on USDF’s officials page to see who is near you? I’ve organized a few shows and that’s generally where I start. Dressage judges tend to be very nice to deal with as an organizer, they want to promote the sport. Here’s the link:https://www.usdf.org/about/contact/officials.asp
If it’s a schooling show you can ask an L grad with distinction.


Thank you!

Yes. Been using USDF site however a lot of the contact information is out of date and there is a time crunch so thought maybe this group could be another Hail Mary.

I agree…most of the dressage judges have been nice to work with when you can get ahold of them :wink: I do wish some of the listing would give preferred contact methods to make it go a little faster too. :grinning:

If you share general location here that will help people make suggestions

Janet Foy sends out blast emails to S judges for shows that are in need. Have you tried her? What level judge did you need? Several shows had June issues that were solved by her email.

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I didn’t know that! That’s a great idea. Thank you. I’ll reach out to Janet. :slight_smile:

Looking for preferably S, but could change the class list to reflect R if needed.

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Midwest, but we usually fly/bring in judges. Sometimes nice to tag onto judges that are already up in the area doing clinics.

You must be careful about conflicts if the judge has students in the area where the show is occuring.