Looking for eventing stable near NYC

Hi there,

I am looking to start riding again, specifically at an eventing stable, near NYC. Many years ago, I evented at the Novice to Training levels and rated to a C-2 level in Pony Club.

After college, I could not afford to ride, but am now in a financial position to do so and would love to start riding again. Any suggestions on good eventing stables within a 1-1.5 hour drive of NYC where I could take lessons?

Let me know and thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I held off answering because I can’t be really helpful. If you widen your search to 2 hours from NYC there are barns in Dutchess county. One is Rivendell Riding Academy in Clinton Corners NY (near the Taconic fyi).

Quite a few 1+ hours out from NYC, in NJ. Are you looking to half lease or just lesson? If you’re looking to compete you likely will need to look into a lease, unless you’re planning on buying.

PM me and I can give you some more info.

Micki Kuchka (sp?) in North Salem.
Kerry Torry, trains around in area.

OP, your budget may go farther if you venture into NJ. There are many nice eventing barns in the area if you are willing to do a 1-1.5 hour commute. Traffic can be difficult depending on the time of day, but you would have some options.

The property taxes in Westchester County make boarding very expensive and consequently any leases that you might pursue.

Send me a PM and I can give you some suggestions.

Quite a few in NJ, look in Somerset and Morris Counties. Sinead Halpin and Meg Kep are within an hour drive (easy train ride too), Marilyn Payne and Holly Payne are in the same area as well amongst many more lovely eventing trainers

I used to event off Long Island in the 1980’s, but not sure what still exists out there.