Looking for fresh semen in Eastern Canada

After failed attempts with frozen, I’m hoping to go the fresh route with my mare since it’s getting pretty late in the season. I don’t have much experience with fresh and could really use some help! We just checked yesterday after an attempt 2 weeks ago, and not only is she not pregnant but will actually be ready to try again this week, so unfortunately there is a bit of a rush. Ideally looking for a modern, mid-sized Jumper stallion in Eastern Canada so that it could be transported in time. She’s an incredibly talented jumper herself so I’d like as high end of a stallion as possible. She has Landgraf and Calido I bloodlines. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you contacted Carlo Zimmer from Beaulieu Farm?

You could try Debra Ottier/Iron Horse Equine - she is in on FB , she is an equine repro expert, and stands a young jumper bred stallion by A Fine Romance, named Darwin. I am sure she could get the semen to you quickly.
Another stallion I admire, also located in Ontario, is VDL WIndsor (Indoctro x Ahorn), I believe he is also collected by Deb Ottier, and has excellent semen.
Good luck!

Although not Eastern Canada, but Canada, I have always loved Quidam Blue. He is successful himself, has successful offspring, and isn’t competing this year so he should be available fresh. http://equitopfarm.com/stallions/

On the Facebook Fresh Swimmers page, there in Combina for $350 nfg shipping tomorrow. https://boulderridgeranch.com/combina

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Can also try Dreamscape Farm. They’re Western Canada but it’s all overnight shipping anyway unless you plan to take your mare where the stallion is.

Quilot Z (Quick Star/Pilot) is in the Ottawa area…mid sized stallion, amazing temperament and a prooven jumper.

Rash R?

GGN Stauffenberg.

Glorioso Noir