Looking for Grass Hay/Bermuda in OKC Area


We are needing just a handful of small bales to get our pony through the next few weeks. Any leads would be appreciated. We have only found large bales.


Try soaking Timothy cubes from a feed store if you cannot find baled hay.

Chewy.com has beet pulp soak it and hay pellets and compressed hay and standee etc etc to tide you thru. Call now and they will deliver weekly

Thanks for the tip! We have found Bermuda and Timothy hay at Tractor Supply and may end up just picking up a few bales there. I’ve just heard some bad reviews from a friend, but the hay he tried was at a Tractor Supply in a different town.

I was just reading reviews, seems like a good option to get us through. Thank you!

Soak the hay from tractor supply for 30 min and discard the water

Ponies don’t need alfalfa unless you cannot find Timothy and beet pulp

right, there’s plenty of alfalfa, just can’t find any Timothy or Bermuda except for at TSC. We are going to pick some up there to get us through.