Looking for Hay South of Ocala

New horse owner here. My horse currently eats T&A which for a two string costs $12.99 locally. Can you let me know if this is a fair price for my area? I’m looking to possibly have some shipped in, if I can find it cheaper elsewhere.

Call Seminole feeds and ask for prices. Of course the hay is hauled to FL from GA and beyond. Lots of GA growers supply hay to FL. For perennial peanut hay SE GA sellers can be found online. Try the Tebeau farm I grew up riding with Sue Haupt Tebeau. Honest and nice.

Listed as TBO farms in Kildare GA

I am in Alabama which is north of you so the hay would not have to be shipped that far south. If I could find T/A for that price I would be very happy. If you want T/A it is probably being shipped in from Canada or out west and the shipping costs are very high. Partly due to fuel costs and I think haulers are in short supply. Perennial peanut hay which is a legume like alfalfa is grown a lot closer to Florida so that can be had for less than alfalfa and there are some alfalfa growers in Georgia. Timothy needs a cool climate so it isn’t grown much in the south. The grass hay that is available is either bermuda or bahia. If you want to feed T/A you might possibly get it cheaper by buying a whole truck load ( 600+ bales).