Looking for help with my job search

I am moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma in the middle of July and am wanting to find work at a Hunter Jumper barn around there. Since there are so many members on COTH I am hoping that someone would be able to help! I have looked on YardandGroom and there is nothing for Oklahoma on there. If anyone has any leads please private message me or email me at: vonla5@wideopenwest.com

A little about myself: I am 22 years old and just graduated from William Woods University with a double major in Business Administration and Equine Administration, as well as getting a minor in Equestrian Science. I have done jumpers mainly but also have dabbled in hunters and equitation, just doing whatever the horse that I am riding is best at.

Thanks in advance!

Have you contacted your professors at William Woods for a recommendation? They are usually pretty connected in the industry.

Why are you moving to Tulsa? You need to go where the jobs are.

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I wish I could but I am getting married and that is where his job is.

Hi Vonla! I grew up in Tulsa but have not lived there for decades, so I am of no help. Best wishes with your search! I miss living in Oklahoma, with such a great horse:people ratio. Try this for a start: http://www.okhunterjumper.com/index.html

Oklahoma State in Stillwater is looking for a Herd Manager for the NCAA Div 1 Equestrian Team. It is about a hour from Tulsa but maybe you could live somewhere in between. Not that there is a lot of traffic between the two cities.

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You might want to branch out to the AQHA or ranching in general worlds to find a job in that part of the world where your degree would be an asset…frankly it’s not a big plus in the HJ world but might be in a more diversified operation. And there’s plenty of jobs around there in livestock and related product operations.

Often post about a friend with an Ag business degree who wanted a horse job but ended up working for a bovine bloodstock agency. She basically sold frozen straws from top bulls. Made more money then any of us, bought a big house, couple of nice show horses in full care training. Nice.

Dont limit your available job market to chronically low paying barn work.

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Vonla is AWESOME!!! She has ridden with me, and could not be any cooler, calmer or coachable. Somebody needs to give this girl a shot! If she weren’t moving away, i would have found her a job here in Chicago

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