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Looking for info on bay TB/WB gelding, 7-11 years old, recessed left eye, scar on RH

Hi all :slight_smile:

I am looking for information on a horse I own. Here is everything I know about him:

  • 16.2-16.3ish bay gelding, no leg markings, small white star

  • Fine-boned but put together like a dressage-bred warmblood (very uphill, large, deep shoulder, high-set neck), so maybe TB/WB cross

  • Recessed (sunken) left eye

  • Scarring around front of right hind hock area

  • Atrophied left shoulder with slightly clubbed left front

  • Moves like a dressage-bred horse (VERY lofty, flashy gaits)

  • Appears that he may have had some dressage training but no over-fences education

  • Found at Ontario auction in California on 12/8/2015, extremely neglected and underweight

Originally we thought he was in the early teens (11-14) range but it is a little difficult to judge his age based on his teeth as he is a cribber. Then a different vet noticed something about his transversal ridges that made him think the horse was more likely in the 7-10 age range.

This guy is so special, I really really really want to know his story, and how on earth he ended up where he did, in the state he was in.

Any possible leads on him or tips on where else I can ask for help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Still looking… no chip (or at least not one that my vet’s scanner could identify), no brand, no tattoo.




Sometimes it is impossible to find out the history of a horse. Good luck. You might try going back to whomever you got him from and then following the trail backwards as far as you can go. Or putting an ad with his picture in a local horse newspaper, or online on a local horse board. Good luck. Just be glad you got him. I tried to find my horse’s registered dam in order to buy her but never could track her down even through her breeder and my horse’s breeder. she was registered but disappeared, so it seems.

I feel for you, pgiraffe. :frowning: I’ve rescued several horses and tried to find out about their history, usually with no luck. Some people take it very personally when a horse they loved ends up at auction and will actually get nasty when you try to talk to them about the horse’s history. (Ask me how I know.) I hope you find your horse’s early history, but I’m just glad you have him and will take care of him, he sounds like a nice guy! Good luck.

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