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Looking for Info on my own horse- German Riding Pony

Hi there! So I bought my German Riding Pony last year after working at a camp… he wasn’t in great condition at all, un-treated for cushings and extremely underweight. I was told at the sale barn that he once sold for $20,000 and was a level 3 dressage champ… sale barn name was Cassidy. They didn’t know his true age, registered name, anything at all. I know he has been in Maine for at least 3-4 years if not longer, but the barn gets horses from all over. My vet estimates him to be at least 28. If anyone recognizes this guy, please let me know! I would love to know his history. He is truly amazing.



I can’t recall facility names or barn owner names but—there was a dressage barn in the Bethel ME area that I recall had reitponies, or boarder with reitponies. There aren’t many barns in maine where…i’d expect to find a pony of this breeding or training. Places might be worth asking around are Puckerbrush and Pinelands—they may be able to steer you to some other barns to check with as well.

I just remembered something else–Lendon Grey was in Maine for many years, there were people who maintained connections with her and her dressage training with kids. It’s possible she might have a suggestion about who/where in Maine someone had a reitpony—because, really not sort of pony you see much of there IMO. I’ve known people to reach out to her via internet looking to offer horses/ponies for her kids programs and she’s pretty accessible/to communicate with. Possible you might get something by sending her a picture. She is definitely the “go to” trainer for talented dressage kids!