Looking for information on former Cancade Farms PMU/CanAm Sport/etc., especially...

horses out of a QH/Perch mare and sired by Proven Jade. Anyone know where these mares are now?


Try phoning Lloyd???

sent an email…but I guess I can call… seems obvious but I don’t want to be a pest!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have a gelding from them, but he’s by shiehks legacy :). I raised 4 from Lloyd but none by proven jade.

I also posted this on the dressage board, where I usually live. Thanks, Dinah, for suggesting that I call…I just got off the phone with Lloyd Cancade, who has to be one of the kindest people I’ve ever “met” without meeting. He took the time to look up my horse, and so much more. I am ever grateful. I found out all sorts of wonderful things that I didn’t know, including that my beloved horsie has a full sister. I think his dam is deceased now.

Cindy, thanks for your response. Is your gelding (and are the others) a pleasure to raise and ride? Again, I usually post on the dressage board, and I’m sick in love with my horse. He is the bomb. Talented, kind, sweet, patient, and gorgeous, in my opinion. Turns me into a 12 year old horse-sick girl. And I’m about thirty years older than that.

If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to snatch up a whole bunch of these horses…I know they’re out there…and start a fun riding barn…different disciplines…I’m going to call it “Therapy” or “A Doctor’s Appointment.” Then when someone leaves work for an “appointment,” they won’t be lying :). And anyone who is mean to anyone else or is full of drama gets the boot. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve found all sorts of interesting things online…it seems like many of these horses are the perfect amateur-friendly horses. Kind, willing, energetic, good mover, as safe as a horse can ever be, etc. I know I’m thrilled with my boy, and it is so much fun to learn more about him than I ever dreamed I’d know. He has been loved by some pretty cool ladies. :slight_smile:

Lloyd is a very nice man. He delivered my first one, and I went to his place when I picked out my second. Three have been by Shiehks Legacy and all are very athletic and talented. I bought them as re-sale projects, my last one is on consignment now. Pm me if you’d like a link (don’t want to post against rules). He’s got amazing dressage movement and is just starting some jumping and is amazing there too.

Love these guys, very good minds. They have been so easy to raise, even from unhandled weanlings, never a kick or bite.

I was really sad when they shut down. He knows all of his horses inside & out. Doesn’t surprise me he found all the info on yours. How old is yours?

Lloyd was so nice to me on the phone - the details he remembers…wow.

My boy is 14! Here he is in his first dressage show (my trainer rode him) (training level, and he did GREAT :))


I adore this horse (I know you can’t tell). :slight_smile:

I will send you a PM - I’d love a link - not looking for a new horse right now but my trainer said he wished he had a barn full of horses like mine - exactly like you said. VERY good minds. No kick, no bite, just good, good horses. I wish I’d known mine as a baby! I’m working on baby pictures from his previous owners.

I think I might have seen a photo of yours on another post - is he a gorgeous paint? Mane and tail braided…showing halter I think? I can’t remember which post I saw it in tonight as I’ve been searching for Cancade like crazy.

I’d love to rekindle a yahoo group or something about these horses; especially because they aren’t available unless through resale (like yours!). :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it.

Yep, that’s my boy - he’s matured a lot since then. Love him to pieces, but I’m downsizing to a short, fat, little pony. Actually hoping for a halflinger or fjord. Something more like 14.2 instead of 16.2. I’m old and prefer to stay closer to the ground now.

Your boy is nice too.

Thanks :slight_smile: He’s a love. And I understand about the shorter horse…I’m 5’11 and really shouldn’t go any smaller than I have now - he is about 16 even…and my legs wrap a good way around his belly :slight_smile:

cancade mare

I have a Cascade mare by Get Me Out out of a Proven Jade daughter, Carrie. Carrie is a percheron cross. My horse is coming 5, lots of ground Work. I’ve sat on her, but not ridden. Her name is Sterling Exodus. Nice mind. Lovely floats gaits. Please pm me, I see I wrongly posted an ad. Sorry

Cancade Gelding

I have a 2003 Cancade gelding by Slew’s Success out of Leslie. I tried phoning Lloyd the other day after reading this post, and hope he gets back to me! I would love to learn more about my boy, these horses truly are AMAZING! Great minds, personable, athletic, willing, and will completely tear out their hearts and hand them to you if asked. Phenomenal creatures, and I am so lucky to have one! I have evented him through Prelim, and he just keeps asking for more- if I had the money I would clone him just to be able to breed more of his kind!

I think I had one, a 2008 gelding by Dancing Adonis (Canadian WB) out of what appeared to be a Perch/QH mare. We were the 2nd owners after he came from the PMU farm. Wonderful temperament, huge jump, decent mover. He ended up heavier than we were looking for as an upper-level eventer, so was sold to a teen as a H/J mount. Great match.

I have had several and they have been a great journey. Kalan is most likely the best. He completed in the hunter derbies this year - 2nd in Canada in the 3’ Canadian Hunter series. 8 in the National Derby at TB this summer 6th in the $30,00 derby at Andersons. Jay Dee is BC Pre-training Ch for 2013 and has moved to Training at end of year (won). They were all a lot of fun and I am very proud of them. Most have a bit age on them and are retired. I am , however, glad that the industry is a lot smaller and most likely going to end one day. The ranchers never seemed to get a handle on the performance horse world and the upgrading and marketing of stock was hit and miss. The carnage of foals and throwaway attitude on the prairies was not something that I was ever comfortable with. ( understatement). However, it was a ton of fun.

I have a mare that I got recently that is by Proven Jade. I would like to find out about her dam but don’t know who to contact.She is a PMU baby. Could you help? The mare I have was foaled in June of 2004.

This reply is like 10 years later. lol. Hopefully someone reads it.
I sold my Proven Jade/QH Clyde cross 11 years ago. Any she has ended up at my friends place now. 17 years old and used as a dressage school horse and my friends daughters horse. She did first level dressage with me.