Looking for job as Rider/Assistant

Im looking for a job in the US (preferably east coast) as a rider, assistant trainer, even working student to a Grand Prix rider. I have experience as a head groom, barn manager and run my own business but I want to continue to improve and experience the US show circuit. Other than Yard and Groom, where should I be looking? I have a cover letter, resume and video as well as references ready. Any suggestions? Anyone looking?

Check Yardandgroom.com.

Yardandgroom, any FB group sites in the areas you are wanting to live, check the riders website to see if they are advertising.

You can also post a "want/looking for "type ads with a little blurb and video attached to the same type of websites.

Also asking current coach or anyone in your own network if they know of anything.


Trainers often post wanted ads first to their own facebook page. You can check out the show results from the areas you are interested in to see who the successful trainers are and then find them on facebook.