Looking for Lessons in NJ

Hello! Bit new to posting, but long time reader on the forum.

I’ve been riding for ten years on and off, hunter/jumper lessons with a myriad of trainers over the years. I stopped about two years ago while I was away at college. Back home now, still in school, but I’d like to get back into riding again, but this time with Dressage, a discipline I’ve admired and enjoyed for many years. I’m looking to take lessons every other week due to financial restraints. I’d like to pay $70ish for an hour lesson, which would have to be on a school horse. I live in southern NJ and I’m looking for about an hour drive, usually around the Jackson area.

I know my situation is super specific and difficult. I don’t know very many people in the dressage scene in this area, and I figured that I’d have some luck finding some footholds after asking around on the COTH forum. Thank you all in advance!

I attended a dressage clinic as an auditor at Bountiful Blessings Farm in Howell, NJ:


I’m not a dressage rider but I was so impressed by the nice people there and the horses I’ve often considered taking a few lessons there myself.

Check out Jersey Palms and Good Times Farm. Both should be within an hour of you. More south there is Suddenly Farm and Somewhere Farm in Lumberton area - they may be too far. Go to ESDCTA.org for more options. Welcome to NJ dressage land!

I second Jersey Palms…I board and train there. :slight_smile:

Shamong Dressage Center. Kathy Mastragastino

Oops, just remembered another one! My friend, a dressage rider, trailers out to this barn and loves it:


Definitely a second for Rhythm and Blues. They are great people.

[QUOTE=Impractical Horsewoman;8751170]
Oops, just remembered another one! My friend, a dressage rider, trailers out to this barn and loves it:


Heidi’s super nice.

We have a lot of great dressage in the area. You’ll just need to find a place where you feel like you fit in. Some of the bigger people go down to Florida for the winter but on the flip side, some really bigger named people come up here in the summer.