Looking for mens boots

Any suggestions as to where to find mens tall boots (dress or field, I’m in no position to be choosy) in size 13 for wide calves (18 1/2 inches)?

I’m a big guy and this search is going nowhere.

I’d rather not spring for custom but if I have to, any suggestions there, good quality for the price, etc.

Thanks for any help.

I think you’re best bet would be Horse Country in Warrenton, VA they cater to foxhunters so have larger men’s sizes. I don’t think the boots Dover had were over an 18 calf width.


Many off the shelf tall boots aren’t going to go over a men’s 12. Even if you find some, they’re going to be $$$$. If I were you I’d look into custom Dehner boots. You’ll pay around $1000/1200 for a pair depending on the options you want, but with decent care they will last forever (seriously, I know people with 30 year old Dehners with 1000’s of rides on them that look brand new).

My husband is a 13 with a wide calf (and tall)–I ordered him Ariat field boots in that size from Bit of Britain. Was a special order (they don’t stock that size, but I had seen it on the Ariat website) but they came pretty quickly. They were field boots. Good luck!!