Looking for Men's Full-seat Jean Breeches in Long

Trying to get some Christmas gift shopping done early, so any help much appreciated. I would like to find a pair of full-seat men’s jean breeches, in a 30-31 waist, preferably long.

Only ones I’ve been able to locate are the Goode Riders, and they don’t come in a long length. Is there a secret supplier for tall, lean guys out there? Would the Goode Riders be ridiculously short? For what it’s worth, he rides in paddock boots with half chaps.

I have enough time to order from Europe, if someone has a suggestion. Would like to keep it under $200.

These! http://www.ridingwarehouse.com/Deluxe_Trail_Riders_Unisex_Full_Seat_Riding_Jeans/descpage-DTRJFS.html

Thanks for the link! Those look like a real possibility. Are you personally familiar with them?

I’m going to check into them asap. Need to make sure that they aren’t too full in the thigh – my husband doesn’t need any extra room (he’s a Levi’s 501 shrink to fit man in regular jeans). But they look good, and made in the USA is always a plus for me.

Bumping this up, in case people need see it over the weekend and someone has another recommendation.

I bought them for my husband, and he’s a fan. They’re not true breeches - they’re jeans with no inner seam, a full seat, and boot cut legs. He likes them because they don’t look “girly”, and have plenty of stick. They label them unisex, but I think it’s more of a guy’s cut. Definitely not too full in the thigh.

My other “hubby approved” recommendation is Equissentials. They are pricey, but will last forever.


Did you look at the TuffRider stuff? Perfectly decent breeches imho, and most of their stuff comes in long. The 92% cotton/8% spandex material is fine (personal experience), but I’ve heard the polyester/spandex stuff (labelled “ribbed”) is icky. Search on “Men’s Tuff Rider® Full Seat Riding Breeches”, sold by most of the usual suspects, though there are drop-ship sellers selling them on Amazon that sometimes have a better size/color selection.

amb, thank you for making your suggestion, but, unfortunately, I have bought (and returned) a pair of the Tuffrider breeches for him in the past, which he didn’t like. He rode in jeans for many years (Wranglers Cowboy Cut and his fav Levi’s), but we invested in a beautiful Stubben saddle for him last fall, so he is now wearing full-seat RTS Bentex breeches (these passed muster with him, probably helped by the fact that our former, male trainer wore breeches like this). He has admitted that it’s nice to have that extra bit of grip from the full-seat.

But, I know that he’s a little self-conscious in breeches and would prefer jeans, so I thought a pair of full-seat jean breeches would be perfect, if there is a pair out there to fit a very tall, very lean man. He’s not a guy who needs or would wear pleated fronts or ones with extra room in the seat and/or thighs. So, not too snug but not too baggy, either, sigh.

GreyDes, although I personally have loved wearing the Equissential breeches through several pairs, I don’t think my husband would feel comfortable in them, as he would probably consider them possibly overly revealing (even if they weren’t really). Good to know that your husband likes the ones from Riding Wearhouse – those look like “real” jeans, so I think they might be a hit.

Thank you both for your input.

What about the Jaipur Polo Jeans? My son (who is 6’4") can wear them, and they don’t look like riding breeches:


Thanks for the link, Posting Trot, but I’m really looking for full-seat, non-Tuffrider ones. But, it’s good to know that those are long enough for a tall man, just in case the need should ever arise, and the price point is certainly appealing.

Jarpur - I think you’ll be happy with the jeans, but just to clarify, I was recommending the Equissentials Western pants, which are a boot cut style with full seat deerskin. They’re very “guy friendly” and not at all breech-like.

…Need to make sure that they aren’t too full in the thigh – my husband doesn’t need any extra room[/QUOTE]

If you have encountered mens breeches by any manufacturer, anywhere, that are too full in the thigh, please tell me.

I have yet to encounter a pair of breeches that comfortably pull on over my calves and thighs, without increasing the waist size to the point of being sloppily big.

I wear 32 waist jeans, but 32 waist breeches won’t pull on past my knees. So, I get my breeches in 34 and tug and tug and make do. If I go up to 36, the legs aren’t so much like a second skin, but the waist feels all loose and bunchy.

I’d love to know what breeches fit in the waist and have room in the thigh. I have several kinds and have not found a pair yet that do that, outside of the pleated and old-fashioned silent movie director looking kind.

These! http://www.ridingwarehouse.com/Deluxe_Trail_Riders_Unisex_Full_Seat_Riding_Jeans/descpage-DTRJFS.html[/QUOTE]

So, I looked these up to see if they’re something my husband might like for Christmas (still undecided on that but RH has a great return policy so might buy them anyway), and ended up buying a cute pair of boots and some nice socks for myself, both on clearance. Score! :yes: