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Looking for my old horse!

hi just trying to find a horse i used to own, he was a all dark bay saddlebred gelding, his barn name was dealerand his registered name was High streets steel finale or steel deal, his sire was general steel. he would be about 18-20 yrs old by now sold him about 2 years ago to someone in nebraska and she used him in a lesson programe and then sold him and i dont know were he is know. will do my best to get some old pics i have on here, just curious on how hes doing :slight_smile:

If he’s registered and you have a membership, look him up on the ASHA website. Otherwise, I’d contact the person you sold him to and ask if you can have contact info for the new owner. Don’t expect her to give you this information though, as many people either don’t keep this info or don’t feel the need to share it.

There are some Saddlebred people here so maybe if you put “Saddlebred” in your title they will see it. I haven’t been around Saddlebreds in a long time and have never been in the Midwest.

There are some Saddlebred people on COTH so maybe if you put “Saddlebred” in your title they will see it. I’m out of date on anything Saddlebred-related.

I think I found him. He’s Bay? If so, his current owner’s name is Mike Peerenboom. He appears to still be alive (or not listed as deceased) and was purchased by Mike in 2001. He appears (if it’s the same one) to be from this farm: https://www.facebook.com/Glen-Valley-Farm-156025081098645/

Hope that helps!

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Ok for some reason my post wasn’t approved. Anyway - I found him. He’s still listed as alive in the ASHA site, and appears to be owned by a Mike Peerenboom. Mike appears to own Glenn Valley Farm which does have a stable facebook page. I won’t link it, because I think that’s why my post got unapproved(?)

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That math does not really work.

Ach, did not see the 2 years ago. However, that’s the only horse by either of those names listed in ASHA. Perhaps she’s got his registered names wrong?

Did you find it?

did u find it, what is the current status?