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looking for Navi, an older Arab/QH cross

Navi, or Feliz Navidad, belonged to an old man at my barn. I rode and drove him for years. A couple of years ago, right after the barn owner raised the board (not by a great deal) Navi’s owner gave the horse away to a man in Jamesburg, NJ. Navi had specific feed and shoeing needs, and when the barn owner tried to tell the man about them, he just brushed her off, saying he had had horses for 50 years. Anyway, Navi’s owner died about a week later. I have been trying to find this horse ever since, and would really like to know what happened to him. Navi is in his early 20s, chestnut with a white blaze and one of his nostrils is torn. He is about 14.2 or 3. Had problems with his hocks. Not the sweetest horse in the world but he grew on me. If anyone has any info, please contact me.

you can check for navi or older arab qh cross from your local marketplace, also give ad to your city newspaper to see if someone is selling it…