Looking for nice girth recommendations

There are some newer girths out on the market now and I’m looking for opinions on what to get for my super sensitive boy. My horse is girthy in the sense that he hates the feeling of his skin being pinched when you first put the girth on. We have to be very careful as we girth up, letting him stretch his legs between each hole and making sure it’s done up very slowly. One time, a County rep insisted that I try the County Logic girth, and I warned her to be careful, and she wasn’t careful enough - he nearly exploded in the barn aisle and I had to quickly undo the girth before he kicked someone. I have had this horse going on 12 years, and this is just how he is, he’s not ulcery - he’s just sensitive. He likes what he likes.

I have always used the Professional’s Choice Ventech girths with mostly good luck. I have a nice-ish one that has the neoprene liner, but is leather on the outer side and looks decent for the jumper ring. My gelding doesn’t seem to object to it too much, I like how grippy it is (feels safer for jumping) but the neoprene is really hot, and the leather quality is very meh.

At home, right now I’m using this Smartpak memory foam girth: https://www.smartpakequine.com/pt/smartpak-memory-foam-long-girth-with-coolmax-lining-18830
My horse seems to love this girth much more than the Prof Choice ones. It also doesn’t seem to get as hot and generally appears to be more comfortable as it softens around his body when I put it on. However, I don’t like the look for shows - I prefer to have a leather or leather like girth for the show ring.

I was looking at the Equifit girths with either the Sheepswool or the T foam liners, but they are so $$$, I don’t really want to buy one unless I know they’re going to be worth it. Another girth I’m considering is the Schockemohle Pallas girth, which has an interesting elastic panel built in, and you can separately buy either a sheepskin or foam liner. There are also the cheaper Flexible Fit girths, but I don’t think you can get a liner for those, so you’re stuck with the leather, although it is gel padded.

I don’t need a true anatomical girth such as the TSF girth - his shape doesn’t require something like that for a good saddle fit. I just care about it being soft, giving, not holding too much heat, and at least somewhat attractive for the show ring.

Thanks for any recommendations!

Have you ever tried a cord girth? Many years ago, I had a very sensitive mare and had the best luck with a cord girth (only we called them string girths back then).

They definitely meet your criteria of “soft, giving, not holding too much heat,” although I don’t know if you would call them “at least somewhat attractive for the show ring.” I think they’re fine, but I’m sure not everyone does.

I’ve got one of these in brown and I think it looks very nice:

I like them for many reasons, including that they are soft, pliable, grippy, and really easy to clean.


We use the Pro Choice VenTECH girths. Those are very popular here for hunters.

Have you tried the VenTECH version with the fake sheepskin around the edges? Might be a good softer option for your horse. Try it!

I show in the SmartPak one you linked. You see lots of that type (VenTech type) out here even on $$$ hunters. I do get a new one when it starts to look a bit ratty and cycle the old one down to every day, but I don’t think it really matters.

Majyk Equip (did I spell that right?) has a new girth without neoprene but I don’t think it’s leather.

I really like the Equifit schooling girth - I use it at home but it’s nice enough that I would probably show in it if I needed to. I have the sheepskin lining one. My guy doesn’t care too much about being girthed usually but he can be pretty sensitive skin wise and he seems to like it. Though I will say it runs a bit small - I have a size 50 and it is more like a 48, so it fits but it’s a bit of an exercise to get on the first hole especially if I use a quarter sheet given the cold weather we’ve been having in PA.

I use this one - the Professionals Choice Ventech contoured girth (mine needs the shape). It’s not leather, it’s TPU with the neoprene, but this makes it very thin and flexible. https://profchoice.com/i-23901601-ventech-contoured-jump-girth.html

My horse really likes this one. When the saddle fitter was last out, he loved it and wanted to know exactly what brand/model it was so he could recommend it to other clients.

This meets your requirement for soft and giving. It doesn’t look as flashy in person as it appears in the photos, at least not in brown. It’s contoured but it’s not an extreme shape like the TSF (my horse didn’t like that one at all).

I currently own both the Equifit Essentials girth to school in and their anatomical hunter girth for shows. I absolutely love both of them and so does my horse. My chestnut mare is the sensitive type, so she prefers girths that are softer on her skin and really conform to her body shape without pinching. Both of these fit the bill. They are also super easy to keep clean since you can detach and machine wash the liners to keep them looking and smelling fresh. It also helps keep them soft and pliable. Another thing I love about both of them is that they have both kept their elasticity and haven’t stretched with use unlike some of the Professional’s Choice girths. Both girths look as nice as the day I bought them, which says a lot to their quality since I use the schooling girth every day!

As for price, I know the anatomical hunter/jumper girths are $$$$, but honestly, they are completely worth it if you show a lot. They let you enjoy the look of a leather girth without compromising your sensitive pony’s comfort. The Essentials girth isn’t exactly cheap either, but it is also nice enough to show in too if you didn’t want to fork out the money for the more expensive ones.

P.S If you need a 54" Equifit Anatomical Hunter girth, I have one for sale since I switched saddles and my old one is now too big. :slight_smile:

I will say the pro choice ventech girth’s can grip the hairs. My mare is not sensitive and didn’t tell me when she was missing some hair :cry: we have a cheap fleece girth for schooling also.

I have the Equifit belly guard and hunter girth and they’re AMAZING. I’m saving up to get the sheepskin, but the T Foam is so amazing. I am partial to all of their products and love how the t foam reacts when it gets warm in the boots, too. It has the same effect on the girth, obviously.

Have you tried to put a plate on the hunter girth or seen it done? Just curious, thanks!

Yes! I have plates on both the hunter and belly guard equifit girth’s. It just goes on the leather so you can still Velcro the liner over the backside of the screws.

Great, thanks so much!

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I have a Voltaire Hunter Girth I really like. It’s very soft! I got mine used on eBay.

I’ve also seen that Collegiate makes a memory foam girth, which might be worth looking into. I believe it is also leather, and although it isn’t top of the line leather, I don’t think it is bad for the price (or at least my 13-year-old Collegiate bridle isn’t).

I really wish the Crosby Selle Française and Crosby XL Excel girths were still available (as well as the rest of the tack in those lines). I have one of the first and three of the latter, and love them! I also like my Jimmy’s Custom girth. The Selle Française is very soft and squishy, while the XL Excel and Jimmy’s Custom girths are a thinner but very soft and supple material.

I have a couple of Classic Equine Soft Touch girths I’ve also had for years, but am unsure if they come in a leather option or not.