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looking for Rosenthal offspring

I am hoping someone can help me or lead me somewhere I can get some information. I have a 14 yr old Oldenburg Mare by Rosenthal / TB “Classy Prospect” and I am trying to find her full brother “Retro” or any other offspring by her Dam. I am exploring the option of breeding but she doesn’t have the best feet and I’m interested to see what her siblings look like. I am
also looking for any offspring of Rosenthal for sale. Thank you!

You’d be better off messaging his connections. Here is his FB page - https://www.facebook.com/Rosenthal-474983949273877/

Hi!!! I have a Rosenthal x classy Prospect baby!

Did you just reply to your own post from 3 years ago?


I think she is updating us on the fact that she found what she was looking for, which is great news!