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Looking for SF horses I rode

In the early 2000s I trained for a Selle Francais/Hanoverian breeder in Watsonville, CA. I try to keep tabs on all the horses that have graced my 25 year career but almost all of these spectacular horses have disappeared into the ether :frowning:

(Pedigrees are off memory so the dams may not be exactly right)

1994 bay gelding - Geronimo (Bonjour/Cascade xx ?)

1995 bay mare - Hugs and Kisses (Bonjour/Eberling(Empire))

1996 bay mare - Happy Girl (Bonjour/Eberling(Empire) I think she’s in Ohio?

1996 bay gelding - Imperador de Lyon (Bonjour/Floh(Furioso))

1997 black gelding - Jazzman (Bonjour/Floh(Furioso))

I would give anything to have Geronimo and Hugs - even in their old age

Any leads would be appreciated. I really adored these horses 💕

Shoot me a PM.