Looking for Show Barn in South Jersey

Hey everyone -
Just looking for some input about nice show barns with reputable trainers in South Jersey. Looking around the Mullica Hill area - willing to travel, would like to keep it less than hour from this area.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

More specifics about what you’re looking for… what amenities, level of showing, divisons, etc.

Rated showing, jumpers 3’6 (right now). I currently do not own, but am looking to lease. Board looking to pay up to $800 a month. Most importantly is a reputable trainer. A lot of the farms down here that I’ve seen are not exactly my type. I don’t know how to put this nicely… Just looking for a trainer with a good background and show experience, that I can grow with and take me through the levels.

I only do hunters so I am way less up on what is going on in the world of jumpers. You might go to some of the shows that have jumpers (Woodedge, CLJ, Black River, etc.) and see who is out and about. I know plenty of trainers I’d steer you away from, but in terms of jumpers I just don’t do it so it’s hard for me to say who I’d recommend.

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Hay Fever Farms in Robbinsville, NJ is a great place! Owners: Neil and Elisa Shapiro (both former Olympians)

Very professional; quality care and instruction; beautiful amenities; talented horses; and, even more important, very little barn drama and horseworld shenanigans!

Here is the website: http://www.hayfeverfarm.com/