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Looking for Stacey Farnham

I am looking for Stacey Farnham regarding breeding a mare. If anyone has dealt with her and can share their experience I would love to hear from you. This is a very important matter so please spread the word. I believe she may be in Central California area. Thank you!

Didn’t you also post on another forum here talking about trying to find her for legal action? COTH users tend to see all the forums in the new format so multiple posts in different forums isn’t going to get you different eyes. There is one old thread about SF you can search for.

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Hi Thank you. They removed my previous post because it was against the site’s posting policies. So I posted a more vague post (that does not specify criminal accusations) asking if others who may have had business dealings with Stacey Farnham to contact me.

Also I did read the old thread but didn’t think I could or should post something since is so old. Maybe I should?

Ah that all makes sense. I didn’t realize your first post was removed.

when I was a bank officer I had to find people who skipped owing money… a criss cross directory was my friend as I would pull the person’s file and start calling the people who lived next to the person…at least back then some one knew where they were.

In today’s world there are similar services that even contain cell numbers

Just go to you local library and ask them about what you are searching for

Not to mention that no one should ever reveal the whereabouts of a person to an internet stranger. What if the OP is a stalker, estranged partner, someone out for revenge, etc. This OP used a completely fabricated excuse to make their inquiry seem safe / benign. What else are they lying about? I don’t care if the person being sought is a terrible person, you just have no idea whether you’ll be putting their safety in jeopardy.

The OP could easily hire a private detective to locate just about anyone and it’s not expensive. I had to do that for work once; it cost I think $500 and he found the guy in less than a day.


The OP posted about wanting info for a lawsuit and that was removed by mods. Then they post this more benign message. SF does seem like a piece of work from past threads.

Exactly. That their post was removed and they post again using a complete lie specifically to evade moderator attention is not a point in the “Hmmm, probably totes safe!” column. Even a piece of work like SF doesn’t deserve to be doxed to someone who could, for all anyone knows, pose a safety risk.


Yes. Exactly.

Hi. Thank you all for your input. All valid points and good to know that there are people out there that would protect someone’s whereabouts. I sure didn’t expect anyone to give me her exact address. But anyways it doesn’t matter. I am happy to say that all has been resolved.

It was not a fabricated excuse.

Not a complete lie

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@Quadir. I sent you a private message. Please contact me.

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